Sustainable development

Sipaldis: designer of ecological food packaging 

After 40 years of expertise in the field of food packaging, Sipaldis can testify to an impressive evolution of the sector with products and materials that are increasingly respectful of the environment. Our company is part of this movement by offering as much as possible environmentally friendly food packaging.

Our company has also made a commitment to sustainable development by mobilising all its skills for several years now, both in the search for new eco-responsible materials, in the recovery of its waste and in the optimisation of its logistics. All this with a single objective in mind: to offer its customers a wide range ofecological food packaging solutions, packaging that respects nature.

Sipaldis is proud to be able to surround itself with expert partners who share the same objective of reducing the impact of their activity on our environment. Our teams work every day to introduce more biodegradable, recyclable and compostable products to the market.

The circular economy model is a source of inspiration for our company: opting for sustainable sourcing, working on theeco-design of food packaging and ensuring that each product can be recycled or biodegradable. Each consumer's awareness of these issues directly echoes one of Sipaldis' commitments: to invest deeply in this joint effort.

Approaches and commitments


Sustainable development & CSR approach

No one can ignore the impact of modern society on our environment. In 2015, thanks to the Member States of the United Nations, specific objectives on sustainable development are highlighted. These will provide a clearer roadmap for achieving concrete results. It would appear that this global call has succeeded in creating a real grip on our environment. of conscience: acting to promote the well-being of all and protect our planet with poignant measures.

Sipaldis is perfectly in line with these sustainable development objectives. For several years now, the company has been engaged in a CSR approach emphasizing 5 fundamental points: 


  • Promoting local employment
  • Developing a favourable social climate by promoting well-being at work
  • Designing eco-responsible products
  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues among our employees and partners

Our commitment to the environment

Our company has been working for many years with historical suppliers who have always demonstrated a strong commitment to implementing actions or solutions in favour of nature: waste reduction, reinforced selective sorting, reduction of energy consumption, search for circular savings, improvements in manufacturing processes, etc.

We work mainly with French and European partners, which allows us to optimize our logistics while reducing the impact of our carbon footprint. Innovation is at the heart of our business! We are certain that it is through this lever that the best solutions will be created. They will have a positive impact on the environment. This is why innovation is one of the major axes of our global strategy. Innovation at the service of the environment...  

Each of us has a role to play in meeting the considerable challenges we face. Sipaldis makes this responsibility a guideline. We are committed to the idea that every little action can make a difference when we act together!


A team at your disposal!
A sales representative and an assistant in charge of your file for optimal and personalized support for all your projects.


Because we know your requirements in terms of deadlines, Sipaldis relies on a powerful logistical know-how in order to offer you deliveries in 48/72h throughout France.


In order to develop innovative productsour marketing and R&D departments regularly work on new projects in line with your needs and environmental issues