Sipaldis, innovative food packaging designer

Today more than ever, food packaging plays an essential marketing role for consumers. Consumers are increasingly attracted to products with innovative designs both for their aesthetic aspects and their ability to respect the environment. These are two key concepts for Sipaldis, which strives to bring attractive, functional and above all eco-responsible food packaging to the market.

Eco-design at the heart of food packaging

An R&D team is working daily on developments that would allow the substitution of certain materials by bio-sourced alternatives. Of course, this must be done within the framework of intelligent design, without compromising the performance of food packaging. Some circular economy models point to good prospects for eco-design in the future. The consumer himself is the driving force behind these changes. In the field, we are seeing a real willingness on the part of customers to use good consumer practices: buying products in bulk, buying local products, etc.

An undeniable observation that pushes our company to think about innovative solutions that best respond to these environmental issues.


A team at your disposal!
A sales representative and an assistant in charge of your file for optimal and personalized support for all your projects.


Because we know your requirements in terms of deadlines, Sipaldis relies on a powerful logistical know-how in order to offer you deliveries in 48/72h throughout France.


In order to develop innovative productsour marketing and R&D departments regularly work on new projects in line with your needs and environmental issues