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The CFIA canceled...

The CFIA canceled...

A new rebound for the CFIA of Rennes which, after long weeks of uncertainty, will remain closed! Following the spread of the Covid-19, which led our leaders to take more restrictive measures, the organiser of the show has not had any...

They're talking about us at Sirha Green...

They're talking about us at Sirha Green...

1st participation at the Sirha Green for Sipaldis Sipaldis had the pleasure of participating for the first time at the Sirha Green exhibition. This edition, which is a little unusual in the current context, took place at La Sucrière in Lyon from 6 to 8 September 2020. A show that...

Bamboo bowls for take-away sale

Bamboo bowls for take-away sale

Bamboo bowls for take-away: tomorrow's packaging? Sipaldis is keen to bring new snacking products for take-away sales to the market, and is now marketing bamboo bowls with adapted lids. These bowls are designed to...

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In order to develop innovative productsour marketing and R&D departments regularly work on new projects in line with your needs and environmental issues