Cooking Papers




Sipaldis, a supplier of food packaging, particularly baking paper, offers you a siliconised paper. It is composed of virgin fibres and designed to be used as a natural support for baking your pastries, breads and special products. Indeed, silicone offers an important anti-adhesion during baking. What's more, depending on the quality chosen and the application, the sheet can be reused several times. Also, our range of baking paper has the particularity of not having any sulphuric acid treatment.

Ces produits répondent aux demandes environnementales en termes de biodégradabilité, compostabilité et recyclabilité.

 Why doesn't Sipaldis offer parchment paper?

Our company has chosen a siliconised paper and not a baking paper. Indeed, the manufacture of baking parchment is done by a treatment with sulphuric acid, a chemical product that we have substituted by a method of mechanically weaving the fibres. This mechanical treatment of the fibres brings to the market an innovation that we consider more respectful of nature. 

Discover our two qualities of baking papers: Siliwhite & Silikraft.