Sipaldis has been working for many years on the design of quality products in order to give full satisfaction to our customers when using our references. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with experts in paper and cardboard materials, we are gradually managing to develop food packaging with advanced technology, in line with the needs of the field.

Our quality department can provide you with all the technical data sheets and certifications of the products marketed. In the event of disputes, our quality manager will take charge of non-conformities and any resulting claims. Moreover, we commit ourselves to systematically integrate the logos relating to waste sorting in order to facilitate the final consumers in this process.

Our teams work in permanent contact with Citéo, an important support in the conceptualization of ecological food packaging solutions. Their experience and track record guide our daily course of action to achieve better performance. 

Quality of Sipaldis products


A team at your disposal!
A sales representative and an assistant in charge of your file for optimal and personalized support for all your projects.



Because we know your requirements in terms of deadlines, Sipaldis relies on a powerful logistical know-how in order to offer you deliveries in 48/72h throughout France.



In order to develop innovative productsour marketing and R&D departments regularly work on new projects in line with your needs and environmental issues