• Aluminium pie plate

  • Aluminum Tourtière

  • Aluminum Tourtière

Product categories: Cooking Mould and Aluminium Mould.

Aluminium pie plate

Our aluminium tourtière offers a perfectly homogeneous cooking quality. It also demonstrates adaptability to every application, whether for sweet or savoury culinary preparations.

In addition, the range offered by Sipaldis is very rich in terms of the variety of formats. We sell sizes from 92mm diameter to 330mm diameter. Thus, for the most generous recipes, we offer round mussels with greater heights of up to 41mm. Note that some products also have a pastillage or from micro-perforations.

En complément de notre gamme de tourtière aluminium, retrouvez également notre gamme de moules rectangulaires en aluminium pour vos autres recettes gourmandes.

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