New Cocoa Bean range

Moulds in cocoa bean

Paper baking moulds Cocoa bean

In collaboration with the company Ecopacka manufacturer of baking pan et partenaire historique, nous avons réussi à commercialiser une nouvelle génération d’emballages alimentaires. C’est un véritable plaisir de vous présenter notre nouveau matériau innovant : « Papier Fève de cacao » !

The manufacturing process of this concept combines innovative technology, original design and circular economy. The process consists of using cocoa bean shells from the chocolate industry as well as virgin fibre. They are then transformed into a quality paper with a unique natural texture and extraordinary aesthetics. It is thus possible to make all kinds of baking moulds with a remarkable design.

A range of standard baking moulds

You will find in this range many standards of baking moulds: pleated paper boxes, muffin boxes and trays, mini panettones, tulip and lotus moulds, rectangular moulds as well as different sizes of tourtières.

All our moulds made of Cocoa Bean paper are suitable for conventional oven, microwave and can also be put in the freezer. They can be used from -40° to 220°C.

You have an extraordinary project? Opt for exceptional baking moulds!

Make way for a new generation of food packaging! 

April 20, 2020

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